Financial Dashboard

The Financial Dashboard is used in our Wealth Management Service to provide a holistic view of all your finances and a simple way to monitor progress toward your objectives.

It measures over 75 dimensions of your financial situation so they are coordinated and managed in your best interest. It gives you a one page visual scorecard on the progress we’re making towards your financial objectives and provides a clear understanding of areas that need work.

Each part is assigned a score of 1 to 4 based on how much progress has been made, priority weighting for your goal, and impact it will have within your financial, family, or business life. The system calculates an aggregate score between 1 and 100 – similar to a test score in school or a restaurant health rating. It provides an ongoing executive summary to continually assess, measure and monitor progress of your total financial situation.

Other Benefits.

  • Ensures progress in one area does not negate progress in another area.
  • Avoids the risk of losing sight of overall progress when focusing on an individual component.
  • Receive an Executive Summary.
  • Enables collaboration among other professional advisors.


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